5 Reasons SEO matter for your business

SEO provides visibility. It brings people to your business and encourages them to come in. SEO constantly maintains your premises, looks to improve your premises, looks to improve your communication skills with your customers and gives your messaging meaning.
Through SEO you can discover what your customers want and when. You can find new opportunities for market share and satisfy them.
SEO enables you to compete against the biggest budgets, the global brands and the fiercest business models.
On top of all this, SEO is free and it never requires rest, relaxation or days off.
In light of the above, the reason why SEO matters is that your business need it. Every company whether revenue driven or not for profit has a number of basic needs that enable it to function- regardless of industry.
1.   The need to be seen: Perhaps the most basic of the company and website needs – certainly in online environment – is visibility. This is the foundation of all search success. If you are not appearing in relevant search niches online, you will not be able to drive traffic to your website.
2.   The Need to compete: You will need SEO for ranking effectively among your competition in a scalable way.
3.   The Need to generate revenue: Return on Investment (ROI) through online ways is the ultimate goal from almost every marketing activity and SEO is not different, turning impressions into visits and visits into sales. The efficiency and effectiveness of this process is the art of SEO.
4.   The need to fulfil a purpose: None of the above work without a business purpose. Purpose helps to define strategy and value proposition differentiator that support success.
SEO is the main part of companies and businesses marketing mix to do online branding, lead generation, customer care and revenue generations.


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